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Transformative, Magical, Empowering

She will take you to places you’ve never been before. Her flow has the power to teach you how to show up in all moments and to learn to be with ALL parts of yourself.

Flows to the beats of: Ben Howard, Yuna, SG Lewis, Wet, The XX, Marian Hill

WHAT IS YOUR DAILY MANTRA? Begin again, always begin again. AND trust the process.

WHAT IS YOUR PUMP UP SONG? When I want to go HAM at the gym: Let's Go - Trick Daddy feat. Twista

But, when I want to get in my flow Man O To - Nu

WHAT MAKES YOU TRULY COME ALIVE? Nourishing food. Curiosity (either when I'm curious or I'm with someone who's curious), loosing track of time and technology, playing "would you rather", and witnessing love. And overcoming challange.