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Flow 45 + Flow 60

Be the flow. More movement, more breath, more life. Release your mind through fluid movement and find happiness at your core.This class is for the seekers of everyday magic. A cocktail of traditional yoga mixed with good vibes, good beats, and stirred with creativity. Drink up. You can find this class in a 45 minute or 60 minute format. (level 1 and up)

Hip Hop Flow

Our Flow class set to beat bumpin’ Hip Hop. Yoga that brings out your inner badass, and will have you ready to go out into the world with more fire than ever before. (level 1 and up)

Yoga Tune Up

Yoga Tune Up®️ is an intuitive practice leading to increased body awareness, reduce pain, improved movement patterns, increasing blood circulation,  healthier tissue and strength in mobility. Learn to navigate tension in the body using Yoga Tune Up®️ Therapy Balls with myofacial release techniques, to increase overall wellness in your body. Come do good things for your body. (beginner and up)

Wake Up Powerfully 

This flow will bring transformation in the body, mind, and soul. This class is perfect for those looking to combine strength with intuitive spiritual self-discovery. This class will leave you feeling lit up, inspired and empowered to take your life on in a powerful way. (level 1 and up)

Slow Flow

Soul soothing, slow moving, mindful magical yoga.Release your tensions and unwind.This is the TLC your body needs. The medicine your body craves. Great for beginners. Leave feeling stretched, restored, and blissed out. (beginner and up)



Level 1- there are options and modifications woven in to the class to make the class suitable to move at your own pace and accessible to any and all.

Level 1/2– this class starts to build confidence with more vigour and may offer options for more advanced postures

Level 2 – this class is about growing your practice and adding challenge both mentally and physically (note: all levels are welcome to attend however less pose explanations will be provided)

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Beginner Box - Lovers & Fighters 101

Float like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee in our Boxing Basics class that will teach you the fundamentals of boxing, and have you throwing punches like a pro. We start with a dynamic warm-up and finish with a good core crushing. We’ll keep you moving and sweating with killer HIIT exercises, shadow boxing and punching bag work. Discover why boxing is the workout most people never know they needed and everyone gets addicted to. Walk in a beginner, walk out a champion ready for all the punches life throws at you.Boxing wraps required

Boxing, Butts + Guts

Blast your core and pop your booty in this intense circuit style class designed to challenge your entire body, while focusing on your bottom half. Each class will include body weight, strength and banded exercises and heavy bag work. Get that body tight. Red lights on, music bumpin'. Boxing wraps required.

Boxing Bootcamp

Experience our high intensity rounds of boxing, bodyweight exercises & core drills all set to dirty beats that keep you fighting for more. Learn the elements of boxing technique with a variety of shadow boxing drills and individual bag work, and keep the heart pumping and body burning with HIIT style movements incorporated throughout. Rounds on rounds of sweaty goodness that release your stress and unleash your inner badass. Boom boom Pow. Boxing wraps required.

Bag Work

Rounds on rounds of technique, precision, and mixed combo’s. This 45 minute high powered boxing class will focus exclusively on improving your boxing skills while also giving you a serious sweat session. Come for the workout, leave feeling like a champion. Boxing wraps required.

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Ride + Vibe

A 45 minute, high intensity ride, set to the baddest beats and led by our vibrant instructors. A whole body workout that will push your boundaries and make you feel like a million. Get lost in the movement, get found in the moment.. Lights down, Beats loud. Ride to Come Alive.




A Full Body HIIT workout that keeps the heart pumping and body burning. Each class incorporates body weight, strength, plyometric and banded exercises all set to dirty beats. Come for the burn and leave feeling strong and empowered.