Energetic. Motivating. Fast & Furious boxing style.

Passionate about helping you unleash your inner badass in all areas of your life.

Vibes to the beats of: Everything from house music and other EDM styles, funky beats and 90s hip hop, to classic rock...Also a closet metalhead, just no country.

WHAT IS YOUR DAILY MANTRA? I am creating the energy I want to feel every damn day!

WHAT IS YOUR PUMP UP SONG? "Love Today" MIKA, it can flip my mood in a second!

WHAT MAKES YOU TRULY COME ALIVE? Doing things that other people are afraid to do. Like carving my own path, and creating something amazing out of absolutely nothing...Not knowing if its going to work out or not but believing in myself enough to try. I find so many people are afraid of "what ifs" and because of that they never truly chase their desires and dreams. When I am questioning myself while making a decision I ask "what if?" and if the answer isn't that I will spontaneously combust and die, I usually go for it! That ish lights me up!