Empowering. Spirited. Transformative.

VIBES to the beats of: Anything that gets me dancing! From One Direction to Kanye, Avicii to Britney Spears, Top 40 to 80’s tunes, and everything in between.

WHAT IS YOUR DAILY MANTRA? If you're interested in something, go at it full speed. Lukewarm is no good. 

WHAT IS YOUR PUMP UP SONG? Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj OR Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows OR The Hired Band by The Strumbellas….all depending on my mood!

WHAT MAKES YOU TRULY COME ALIVE? Connection! The ability to connect with people and places on a personal level, to embody the community that surrounds us, and allow for relationships to develop and thrive…the ability to be one, altogether.He knows how to get you ready for your weekend by hosting the Pre-Party you never knew you needed, and won't be able to stay away from.