Grounded, Purposeful and Evolving

Paige is the dark horse of our yoga crew. She is a powerhouse in getting you to dig deeper. If you are ready to breathe a little easier, flow more freely and let go of the shit that is holding you back, then land on your mat with her.

WHAT IS YOUR DAILY MANTRA? There is no perfect. Just progress.

WHAT IS YOUR PUMP UP SONG? This changes every 0.1 seconds but . . . . Taste - Tyga ft. Offset

WHAT MAKES YOU TRULY COME ALIVE? Just living into every moment fully. Sometimes that means pushing until my lungs are on fire and sometimes that means melting into my mat. Sometimes it means giving into the fear and sometimes it means diving in head first. Sometimes it means crying until I can't breath and sometimes it means laughing until something comes out of my nose. I think we can learn, grow and find the beauty from each of these moments.